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Amazing icon pack manager

Pacific Manager is a subscription-based system designed to make icon request management super easy for designers. Quit using the old traditional method of receiving emails from your users, making you sort through hundreds of potentially duplicate requests a day. Let Pacific keep track of all your icon requests, and manage them for you like a to-do list!


  • All your requests in a simple list
  • Prioritize most requested apps
  • Download XML assets of completed requests
  • Search for apps in our big database of activity component infos
  • Very easily integrable with Blueprint


Name App limit Monthly price Annual price
Intro 1 app €3 €32,40 10% off!
Starter 2 apps €4 €43,20 10% off!
Basic 5 apps €5 €54,- 10% off!
Large 7 apps €7 €75,60 10% off!
Unlimited Unlimited apps €15 €153,- 15% off!